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    Thumbs down weird compression levels, & moisture in cylinder 1...

    Looks like this is not my year for riding... I had an issue with a leaking intercooler, which flooded my engine. I took the intake manifold off, did multiple oil changes and finally began to ride the ski for the season. I did a compression test after the water injection and came up with a pretty consistent numbers accross the board (120's). I was riding yesterday and noticed that the ski was beginning to get "sluggish". I went home and tried to find out the problem. Here's what I found...
    1. The ski is low on oil, and has began to smoke from time to time (not constant but it is burning oil)
    2. Moisture in cylinder 1 (enough that when u crank it without plugs it forms droplets on the valve cover.)
    3. My compression is now all over the place, #1= 100, #2= 122, #3= 90 to 95.

    I know rods bend easy on these engines but do these signs point to this problem? I dont want to risk damaging the block. Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks...

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    How's your coolant level? Maybe a bad head gasket? Can you do a leak down test?

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    Coolant level is a tad lower then it was the last time I rode. I cant tell if the moisture India's the cylinder is coolant or river water. All my intake tubes are dry, so that is a good sign... ill try and get my hands on a leak down tester today.

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