I bought 98 gp1200 not getting any spark with lil over 100 hours on it. I did compression test all cylinders have 105 psi. I have a bunch of extra gp1200 so I thought it would be easy fix. Jetski seems stock beside for spark arrestor and sponsons. First I replaced cdi no difference. Then replaced stator and got spark on all cylinder and got the motor to start. So took it to the water and tested it and jetski wouldn't rev over 5500 and only did about 40 on speedo. Didn't have near power it should. So I pulled plugs and did another compression test and got #1 120 #2 105 #4 115 and middle cylinder had not been firing. So checked it for spark again and has spark outside the cylinder but doesn't seem to be outside the cylinder? I checked carbs seem to be getting fuel and center cylinder seem to be getting to much fuel. It's vibrates on top of lower butterfly valve. But I pulled carbs pulled apart and looks clean and fuel pump seems good. Also checked reeds and there not cracked and seem to seal well. I'm outta ideas on what the problem could be center cylinder still doesn't seem to be firing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.