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    [Solved] FX SHO 2009 started beeping and now won't even turn over

    I think I have two totally separate issues but I'll include the other just so I don't leave anything out.

    Was riding around for a good 1.5 hours and was just cruising around at the time (30 MPH or so ~5k RPM) all of a sudden thing started beeping (I didn't see what was on screen other than warning light) so I cut it off. Waited a few minutes and tried to start it back up and nothing will happen. Had to get towed back to dock. The motor won't even turn over. When I tried to start it a few times the "low volt" icon would come on and the unlock light would come on and stay on for 30 seconds or so after that it would go off. I have no idea why it did this. It seemed to be running fine. The battery is < year old and was on a maintainer. Plus it cranked up perfectly fine 3 or 4 times while we were out without a issue and it was running when it started beeping.

    The little bit I read up on it, someone was saying the battery might be low because the rectifier might have went bad and its not charging the battery?

    The above was problem I think it is completely unrelated to the following issue.

    A few weeks ago we were out and I think I sucked up a stick, revved up some made some beating noises and then when I let go of throttle I guess it was able to release the stick and then when I gave it throttle again it seemed to be fine. Well after that it seems I have lost 5-8MPH on the top end. (I know the speedo its not accurate but I'm comparing 1 for 1 before the stick and after the stick) But the speedo used to read 115-120 KM/h at top speed now it is only reading 100KM/h on the speedo or so. I checked it with GPS on my phone and read ~95KM/h. I'm thinking that the stick damaged something (impeller or something). If you are running around at ~30MPH or so you don't really notice it. It seems to accelerate just fine and doesn't seem that sluggish at low speeds. It just doesn't seem to be going near as fast when you are WOT. Does this sound reasonable that it will seem fine at low speed but not be able to hit its top speed?
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    1. Check your battery cables make sure they are nice and tight, not wiggling. Could be solenoid, fuse, or other problem but start with simple things first.

    2. You need to crawl under trailer with flashlight and carefully inspect pump tunnel; look for any debris inside tunnel around edges of impeller; remove intake grate if needed to access any small wood chips that might be jammed in there; even a very small piece can create problems; also check impeller for any nicks or damage. Hope you get it sorted out.

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    Battery seems to be good, (no wiggle). Volt meter was reading 12.6 volts. I put it on charger to be sure. I checked all the fuses and nothing was blown. No idea how to check the solenoid. What else can I check?

    I did drop the damn battery screw but I have no idea where it fell so I got to get another one. Any ideas where to get one?

    I don't want to bog the thread down with this but it appears that there were some dings on one of the impeller blades. It didn't look like much at all to me. It wasn't chipped and wasn't broken. Just kinda dinged a little. I'll try to take picture in daylight.
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    I got a dead battery. Took it to Advanced Auto parts and got them to check the battery. Battery was no good. Replaced battery and it starts right up. Thank you very much YoYomma. I'm going to create another thread to solve my speed problem.

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