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    2003 STX-R rebuild. Looking for tips and pics of an engine compartment please!!!

    I have a STX-R that I purchased with a blown motor. I finally have the engine bottom and top end assembled for the most part minus the carbs and exhaust. My first question is, how much of the assembly can be done on the bench and what has to be done in the ski? Is it better to install carbs and or exhaust after bolting in the engine?

    The problem is I purchased this ski with the motor already out so im putting someone else's project back together that I have no experience with.

    Can you guys post some pics of 1200 engine installs or just engine compartments so I can see where amd how all this goes back together for me!?!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I'd install the exhaust manifold on the work bench, carbs and exhaust pipe after it's in the 'Ski.

    Do you have a service manual? Very important on that engine. Get the balance shaft gears lined up right, oil in the balance shaft bearings, make absolutely sure you have the oil lines going to the correct places--they are different.

    These cylinders are nikasil plated and should not be honed (or very minimal honing).

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    Yup got a manual, three fresh cylinders from US Chrome so no honing!Assembled the bottom end but did not add oil yet for balance shafts. I have the manual for oil line routing but I do not have new line yet still looking for the best type of line and where to buy it.Thanks!

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    Polyurethane hose.

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    Poly, go it, working on it! Thanks!

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    Here you go, exhaust pipe and carbs go last

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    Awesome, thanks

    I didn't even expect the engine to sit in the hull canted like that! Like I said, first PWC and I got the thing in pieces!

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    No worries dude, any more questions dont hesitate to ask.

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    In case you wanna go crazy ....follow my link below...

    Watch out will bite you.

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