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    Need Quick Reply-Water leaking from Exhaust T-Clamp

    I just replaced the supercharger in my 2005 RXT...

    I just started it up to check for leaks and it looks like I have water leaking out from the bottom of the exhaust T-Clamp.

    The clamp looks like it's on straight, and I think I tighten it enough...

    Since I'm not sure how this clamp works for sealing, I need some help.

    1. Could it be leaking because I have not tightened it up enough?

    2. Could it be leaking because it's not lined up? (I did put a line across with whiteout when removing it)

    3. What is the procedure to get this joint lined up and clamped so that it does not leak?


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    someone can correct me but i dont think water would be coming out from that clamp since everything is water jacketed you would have an exhaust leak if that clamp wasnt on right. check the hoses going from the exhaust manifold to the j pipe. theres one on the top and the bottom that could be leaking onto the clamp making you think you have the clamp on wrong

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