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    Question Polaris SL900 (1996) Performance issues

    Hi I am looking for some advise.
    Firstly this forum is a awesome, I got some good info from reviewing some of your previous discussions.

    Now I am looking for some advice.
    I have a SL900 and it was working well until it sank 2 years ago, while tied to the dock one night, this was due to the plug not being correctly tightened.
    Anyway I dried it out and put new fuel in, new plugs and fogged the lube parts and by surprised it started ok.
    When I took out to the lake it under performed, reaching about 2/3 speed with low starting torque.

    Reviewing one these forums I found that it could be a reed issue, so I plucked up some courage and disassembled the carb etc to get to the reeds. With great joy I found one of the reeds were damaged, so I ordered, replaced and reassembled. I tested out on the lake and it went really well and all seemed ok.

    Shortly after this I was out on the lake with the jetski and noticed, now and a gain the engine would cut out when running, it would restarted no with problems. Then after a while running the speed deteriorated to 2/3 speed and it never recovered. I took the air filter off and ran in idle to see if gas was being pushed back out, similar to the damage reed symptoms, but there wasn't. What I did notice was smoke coming back out from one of the air intakes.

    Today I decided to disassemble to carbs and look at the reeds again. The reeds looked all good, but what I did find was some small metal/aluminium pieces on the outgoing side of one the reed block on the limb that I saw smoke coming out of. (Note this was on different reed set compared to what was previously changed). The other set of reed blocks were all clean. When I felt inside intake chamber of the crank case the oil was more dirty than the other chambers and there were also some metal/aluminium pieces within the oil.

    Now I am concerned something more serious has happened with the cylinder/crankcase. Any advice...?

    Is it worth saving????

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    Pull the cylinder head and have a look

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