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    Question about issues with RXPX260

    I have a '12 RXPX 260, today while riding I got into some sallow water and sucked up some mud. The ski wouldn't go forward at all, so I put it on a boat lift and cleaned all of the mud out. While doing it a trillion small pieces of plastic came flying out (im guessing from the wear ring). Now when I'm riding I cannot hit top speed, and it doesn't get going like it used too, seems to be cavitating. Im sure its just the wear right but when I look at It, it seems smooth. I see small dings in the edge of the impeller, but nothing that should affect it. What else do yall think it could be? Could it still be mud inside the pump or do yall think its just the wear ring? Ski has about 40 hrs on it.

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    Pull the pump, inspect ring and prop. You might have something still in there. Probably have to replace the ring.

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    Small dings do big things to your acceleration and top end. Pull it and replace or repair it.

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