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    Dash Symbol

    I have a 2005 RXP Supercharged. Not used a whole lot, so relatively new. Just took it out and had a problem. Hope you can help. I know the 1/4 tank of gas was a year old, so I filled it up with new gas. It started and sounded good on the trailer. In the water it was very sluggish and stalling. Figured the old gas need to be run through the lines. Started running good, 15 minutes later sluggish again. Has a yellow triangle with a exclamation point inside show up on the display. Going back to the dock ran sluggish then good. Yellow triangle is gone.

    Any idea what the triangle means and what is next. Never changed the plugs, maybe fouled?

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    I THINK it means service engine but the smarter guys here should know.

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    Did it flash the red light, and show a code?
    Next time out press the Set button 5 times, to pull up any trouble codes it may have.

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    Had a red light flashing for a little while, then went out Have a 1517 code for the compass, I do not think I have a compass? Help

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    If the ski has sat you most likely need fresh gas, spark plugs, and a battery (I'd recommend some type of AGM). Have you ever had the supercharger rebuilt? There is a lot to do here.

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    The code was 1517 for a compass out of range. I took it to Malcolm Smith in Riverside, $55 to clear the code. They found the VTS had a wire that was making poor contact, they think this tripped the code, $ 165 total for everything

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