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Thread: 2009 vx cruiser

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    2009 vx cruiser

    hello new guy here i am from Tavernier FL and i have a 2009 vx cruiser.

    ive had this ski for a while it has about 55 hours on it ive done the brake in service at 15 hours and other then that nothing has been done to it except flushing and spraying it with silicone spray after usage.

    my question is whats the best way to care for these wave runners any one have a step by step on how to service it and how to store it for periods of a month or long when not in use ? i haven't started it in almost a year i know shame on me its only used in salt water so i do flush it after i finish using it any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated

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    after watching a video by CaptainReza i bought

    Salt-Away & Mixer Combo 32oz.

    Fluid Film 11.75 oz. Spray 3-pak

    Fluid Film Spray can Extension Wand
    for a better flush. All i need now is help on how to store the ski for long periods of no usage and how to perform the oil service and any tips or tricks you guys have with keeping your skis in pristine shape. also should i use salt away to spray the engine bay down?

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    Your Manual has all that info in it.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquaholic6801 View Post
    Your Manual has all that info in it.....
    Well that takes care of the storage and where to grease thanks a bunch any tips on how to change oil and does any one happen to know the plugs these skis use and is there any harm in running the ski with out an air filter

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    Quote Originally Posted by azios View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquaholic6801 View Post
    Your Manual has all that info in it.....
    Well that takes care of the storage and where to grease thanks a bunch any tips on how to change oil and does any one happen to know the plugs these skis use and is there any harm in running the ski with out an air filter
    No need to run without a filter, just install a high performance one, say from R&D.

    They are heaps less restrictive.

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    napa gold 1358 for the ski aftermarket oil filters are not needed. I could seriously go on and on and on about the things that you should do to the skis, because ive spent almost a full decade working on this platform...but heres the best i can do at 730

    replace all your stock hose clamps with stainless....there are there under the exhaust manifold that i replace by pulling the engine....get a paint brush, and cover each clamp with grease to prevent it from corroding and rusting.

    replace your stock air filer with a reusable R&D air filter, and wash it once/twice a year with hot soapy water with some grease remover and some basic detergent, swish around for a minuet or two, rinse for a few minuets, let dry in the sun for the day.

    Add bilge with float switch NOT A MAUNAL SWITCH, ill add photos . 550 rule, and a 12 dollar float switch wired directly to the battery. Need to be two separate units NOT the combined float/bilge things...Got to be careful and tune your float switch to ensure that it goes off when the water goes drains and doesn't drain your battery. I actually glue two washers to the top of mine and it works perfectly. Youll see what im mean when i go into the shop soon. Ill show you the perfect spot to mount in your ski...

    there is a ribbon filter in the intake that could get taken out. Be sure to google this step and understand what you doing before taking on the task. I can have my apart and back running in about 15 minuets removing the ribbon, but the first time and probably 10 times after that, itll take you an hour, and a lot of swearing

    When the time comes to do the pump bearings, and you have to remove the nozzle and pump housing be sure to go to the store and find the bolts you pulled in fact, andy bolt you remove from now on till the end of time that isnt stainless...needs to get that upgrade.

    you have 3 bolts that hold each motor mount down. Two that go in the hull are not stainless....pull them, upgrade and use marine bearing great and not anti seize when you reattach them.

    Anti seize when submerged with water for an extended period of time turns to a powdery like substance that actually can make it harder to remove. Bearing grease is the secret ticket/alternative. Trust me. When you think you want to use anti seize, if its below the waterline and something that can get wet in the event of a minor sinking, use bearing grease (this goes for the spark plugs as well)

    Remove your coils and load up grease all over the shaft and put them back in the block twist them as you put them in and it will put more grease in the hole, they can get stuck and you will have a nightmare on your hands...

    Being a 2009 you need to run your hand under the exhaust manifold and feel the condition of your starter, its under there. IF there is a lot of rust, you need to be prepared to pull the motor and fix that....its a very easy job, so dont get worried. I actually explained the full job in another thread from another VX ski.

    Ill come up with more and add to the thread once we all know you are serious about your ski, it may be easy to resort to taking it to your dealership...but dont...between all the great minds on this board, we will help you with whatever you need.

    note....none of this will be found in a manual....which btw i am PM to you right now....

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    okay so going to see the ski in 2 days going to change out the oil, spark plugs take pictures of the hose clamps and then go to my local auto store and buy some ss clamps. tonight ill order a reusable R&D air filter
    the fluid film and salt away should be here next Tuesday. the bilge should be rated for 500gph? how would i go about in mounting it on the ski? what hose would i connect the bilge to shoot the water out from? and when you say coils your mean the ignition coils right? also do you by any chance know the spark plug part number i looked online and i think it was cr9eb ngk i think its correct but just want to confirm it.
    pretty sure that's the proper filter and will the pump work ?

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    Golden. give me a little time, sorry we were busy today. Ill get a photo within the hour and show you how its done best.

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    So I did take a photo, but it is off our new ski and doesnt look like you r 2009...however, i have 3 2008 with the exact same mod. I drew a should be able to get the idea, its a very simple and easy place to put it.

    Now to start off, you can remove your siphon box and attach the line to it. since the venturi is still there, the opening in the bilge will now siphon the water out when you beautifully. Now. there is another spot. a better place that you will have to drill in the top deck in order to work properly, I will show the routing of the hose tomorrow. But honestly, you could pop off the line that goes to the little white square box, and attach it directly to your bilge

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