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    95 sl 650 hull bearing

    Hey all, ski has been running great, thanks for all the info this site provides.

    The thru hull bearing was rebuilt 2 years ago (seals-new grease).
    Last weak end when I pulled the seat, water was running in at a good rate.
    Now I have been religious about greasing the fitting, so there was always grease in there.
    Here is what I got when I took it apart.
    Both seals were gone and no evidence of grease. one of the brass bearings was
    riding in the middle of the bearing housing.
    Do these just go? My BIG question is those brass bearings...
    should they be snug on the drive shaft? Mine have a gap.
    The one that came out I can put back and remove with my finger, and
    the other one is tight. How much wear is allowed on the drive shaft?
    Were the seals ride it is smooth, but were the bearings are there is some galling.
    The drive shaft pic, inboard is to the left, the shinny side would be the loose bearing.

    One more oddity, the shaft gaurd turned up and the hose clamp was tight I could
    not turn it back by hand. what?

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    The thru hull and shaft are both toast. Time for replacements.

    Look to the jet pump bearings, stub shaft, and/or impeller for wear issues and a possible rebuild.

    The shaft must have been wobbling to create that kind of wear.....

    Should also check motor/pump alignment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trainingguy5 View Post
    ... The thru hull bearing was rebuilt 2 years ago (seals-new grease).
    Through-hull bearing assembly and drive shaft must be inspected as part of a rebuild.

    The two sintered metal bushings inside the assembly must be a snug fit on the drive shaft with no wobble or play. If the bushings have worn then they must be replaced or purchase a new through-hull with good bushings.

    The drive shaft surface must be smooth and unworn in the areas where the bushings ride and there must not be grooves where the seal lips touch the drive shaft.

    If there is very minor wear sometimes the rubber support tube can be trimmed slightly shorter to shift the location where the seals touch the drive shaft.

    When rebuilt/reassembled the driveshaft should just nicely slide through the greased through-hull bearing with virtually no side to side or up and down slop. With jet pump reinstalled grab the through-hull and try to move it around. It should barely move relative to the drive shaft.

    See the Jet Pump section from my signature links for part numbers and part sources.

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    Thanks BFish, I figured they were junk. The pump is tight, but will open that up and check.
    Will also check the alignment of the engine and pump.
    I rebuilt that in 2012, new bearings seals and run a grease 80-90 slurry.

    Thanks K447, when I put this together 2years ago the pump was rebuilt, put new seals
    in the hull bearing, but do not recall if the brass bushings were worn, how much play
    was in it.

    Thanks for the reply and info!

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