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Thread: Bad Starter??

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    Bad Starter??

    ok, I've read pages and pages and still lost...I'm really trying to do this myself but losing hope...Had ski turning over good and was able to do a compression test, happy with result but no spark..Went out yesterday for more troubleshooting and couldn't get to turn over!...relay just clicks! I even hooked jump cables from truck to battery which was reading abou 12.5 volts...I can feel the starter is rusty and I'll guess original('99 65u engine) so thats a good possibility but the kicker is, I'm getting no dash power...if starter was bad, would it draw juice to keep panel from lighting up? any help appreciated!

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    Had a similar problem last weekend...just a clicking relay. Ground cable was a little loose on the battery. Quick twist with a phillips head screwdriver and it fired right up.

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    haha....wish I could be that lucky....triple checked that one but thanks for idea! keep'm coming!

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    removed starter tonight...what a @#!%^&*!(saltwater ski) anyway, its a mitsuba...anyone know is this oem or aftermarket?

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    wow, where is everyone?? riding? Would like to know if the mitsuba is oem or aftermarket? thanks!

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    Does it matter what it is? Replace it and move on. Try to buy oem, but really, just get what you can afford..

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    The starter motor on GH oem parts is 475.00, mitsu's(the same as I removed which was actually fine and not the problem) are 45 bux on ebay....if they are the same, it wouldn't make sense....If not, then I have a decision to make

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