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    Question How are people doing Ski Flushes and Wash Downs on a trip?

    Ok got a quick question for some of the experienced riders here on the forum. And for some reason I just can't figure out how people are doing it.

    Me and My wife are located here in the Melbourne area of Florida. We frequently like to visit Miami / Fort Lauderdale, however, we have somewhat of an issue of riding that far away from home. I NEED to able to wash the ski down and rinse it out after all the salt water use. As I'm sure most of you would strongly agree with that statement. Problem is, from my understanding most of the Marina's that I have called down there, are "slips" that require you to have rented a spot to "Moore" your boat. Not really a fresh water clean out or "Wash Down Station" that I would be looking for.

    Needless to say this conundrum has got me thinking. I can easily purchase say a 55 gallon rain barrel and convert it over with a 12v pump that will produce very similar garden hose pressure to at least flush out the ski. But with limited water, eventually I would need to refill the barrel, with no fresh water hose available readily. But, I have yet to ever see ONE person in my area who has done something like this. Is there something I am missing here? How do most people deal with this when pulling boats/skis long distances.

    I've tried looking at gas stations, car washes, etc. But to no available. Tell me greenhulk community, what am I missing?


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    Small 12v pump dropped in 20 litres of fresh with salt x added,
    attach pump to ski with hose fittings and yamaha flush adapter,
    start ski...attach + & - to battery to power your own flush out
    pic tp follow if it helps ?

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    We ran into that problem on our last trip to the coast. What we wound up doing was making a b-line to the closest river, finding a launch and backing the trailer in, so we could let the fresh water run through them for a few minutes. Its not as good as a hose for rinsing everything down, but it worked in a pinch. Hopefully you have some body of fresh water in the area.

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    That is kind of what I thought. Looks like its going to be the rain barrel idea then. As I will be able to tote not only the water, but the salt away with it. Pretty much eliminating having to find a fresh lake in the area, and getting the maximum cleaning power I can get. Usually when I stay in Miami / Fort Lauderdale we stay at a Hotel, which brings on it's on set of questions, but ill leave that for another topic.

    There is a gentleman locally that sells 55 gallon rain barrels in the area with hose faucet installed for like 45 bucks. Harbor freight also carries a pump that will pump 300GPH or about 5GPM at 50psi for around $38.00 on 12v. Attach a hose and I think I'm ready to rock and roll. Little under $100.00 I can essentially have a totally portable way to rinse stuff down. Funny thing is I've NEVER seen anyone else with sort of setup. And I'm wondering why. Do they just not rinse out their stuff? I can't be the only person that has run into this problem lol. And the only other problem, is finding a spot w/ a fresh hose so i can refill the 55 Gallon barrel. Pretty sure most car washes don't have hose hookups you can use.

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    Must be an outlet at the marina somewhere. Get lots of hose ?

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    Luckily on a recent vacation to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama, a car wash there has a hose for ski/boat flushing. I would think that some car washes in Miami would have them also?

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    I guess I'm going to have to call a few to see if they have boat wash down stations or a hose hookup. If so, this would obviously eliminate any need to carry an on board tank, ultimately saving me time and effort. I just wish some of these stations have websites that supply information on this sort of thing. It's the 21st century for crying out loud. Who doesn't have a website these days :P. But at the same time, I've never been just driving down the road and seen some guy with tanks in the back of his truck to wash down his boat either lol.

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    I used a gas station hose bib and gave the attendant a few bucks... also topped of my tank. I didn't take all day, just really quick flush, wash and rinse. Also waxed the ski before we left and fresh corrosion spray where applicable. If your staying at a hotel, they should also be able to assist you.

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    Excellent ideas guys.. been looking into this more and more. I think what ziggy and lee have mentioned are going to be my best options. Am going to have to call around and see what I can come up with. What a PITA!.. But seriously all thank you for all the help. It is always appreiciated.

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    Brand name truck stops such as Pilot and TA (aka Travel Centers of America). Back in my Super Duty diesel pickup days I noticed the diesel fuel islands, particularly the ones on the auto side that were for RVs, had water spigots.

    All hotels have outside water spigots. Take 100' of hose and ask the front desk manager nicely.

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