Hey all --

I have a 1998 GP800 that I recently bought. It has a really had cavitation problem out of the hole. Really bad. I pulled the pump and I could slide a 0.6mm feeler gauge in numerous spots between the impeller and wear ring. I bought a Solas YB-SC-K impeller and new housing to fix that. I also bought an R&D intake grate. The wear ring I bought is one with the sleeve that can be replaced.

Question: I was not able to find a pump shoe seal kit for this ski. So when I install the intake grate, wear ring, and impeller, should I just silicone all of the joints between the intake grate and the hull up inside as well so it's all smooth? What about the ride plate?

Thanks for any pointers anyone might have on additional things I can do to solve this out of the hole cavitation issue.