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    Virage TX 1200 - No crank, just clicking

    Hi guys,
    i'm sure this topic has been covered in the past, but I just can't find it.
    My Virage had a full engine rebuild last year & went out a couple of times. On the last trip out, when I stopped the engine, it wouldn't start again unless I pulled up on the red solenoid wire.
    I found the cause was a dodgy connection on the solenoid, cured by using a second nut to make sure all was tight.

    I've had the ski laid up over the winter & now want to take her out again. I've put a new battery in and now, when I go to start, there is no cranking, just a clicking from the solenoid & the bilge pump starts up!
    I've just fitted another starter motor, but still the same issue.

    The bolt at the rear of the engine looks like it's stripped threads, as it won't tighten properly, so I've moved the earth wires to another location.
    Still no joy!
    I put the positive cable of the starter direct to the battery - nothing!
    I'm thinking it may still be a problem with the earths, but I ran a separate cable direct from the negative on the battery and it still doesn't want to play.
    It's not the crank either, as I can turn this by hand and it moves freely.
    Any suggestions as to what to try next? I'm pulling my hair out as I'm wasting what little sunshine we get in the UK with a ski that won't run.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Well, further investigations have found a broken wire on the earth loom. I've ordered some new connectors and cable & will remake the cables. Hopefully, all will work when I've done all that.

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