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    Leave it on or remove it?

    I have the Fizzle 4" air intake kit and curious to know should I remove the filter leave it on. Mods are X Charger, 42's, RRFPR, AFR gauge, Fizzle HE I/C, 15/20R couple other doo dads. The ski runs at 8100 rpm period, no 8050, or 8150 it's pinned at 8100. Will this increase the rpm if I remove the filter, that I don't need. I'm thinking that I'll have to give a little more fuel though.

    Any thoughts?

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    If you decide to remove the filter I highly advise that you put some sort of mesh screen over the end of the hose. There can be all sorts of things in your hull and IMO there's no reason to risk supercharger/engine damage over a broken zip tie, a chunk of flotation foam, a loose bolt, etc.

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