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    2005 rxt bearings going out?

    Can someone tell me how I would know if the bearings need replaced without looking at them. I got my 2005 rxt's out last weekend. This was the first time since I had them winterized by a dealer last year.
    One of them doesn't sound right. It is making a "whining noise" when idling or moving slow. It runs fine and has the right amount of power. It did not make this sound last year before I had them winterized. The sound seems to be coming from the pump area. Thanks for any help

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    Pull the pump out. Stuff a towel under the output shaft to support it & crank the ski... If the noise is Gone? Its in the Pump.. if it is still there?? its in the supercharger. I would remove the oil filter & look around the outside of the pleats. IF you are clean No worries on the internals or the PTO or crank Brgs..

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I removed the pump, started the engine, and NO WHINY/WEIRD NOISE! You Rock! Time to learn how to rebuild the pump.

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