Just wanted to see if anyone here need some parts off a clean seadoo XP. I've got the ski running nice right now but I know it won't bring the money as a whole So I'm looking to part it if people,want enough stuff off it. I'm not at all familiar with seadoos so you'll have to bare with me on some stuff if I don't know. I'm a GP/GPR guy... Sorry

96 XP

83mm big bore cylinders (ported)

factory Spec II pipe with water inception (factory pipe)

stock carbs

VTS works great but gague does not. Also has a billet switch for the VTS

Everything else is here as well and in great shape for the most part.

I would like to sell the motor as a whole and the hull with gas tank, rub rails and seat and grab bar all together. I have a clean title for the ski and I also have a nice karavan single trailer as well. I am located in Holland MI

my email is. [email protected]. Please email me if you would like any pics of stuff. I have not yet torn it down, but I can pretty quickly.

Open to offers on stuff.