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    Pls help this newbie out ref: 1st service on 2014 Yamaha VX Sport

    Please help this newbie out I have two 2014 Yamaha VX Sport. I'm not mechanically inclined so I will taking them in for their 1st service as per owners manual after their 1st 10 hours of use. Seeking to learn what should my estimated cost for the 1st service as per above be? I'm located in South Florida....

    THANK YOU! = )

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    We owned a 2011 VX Deluxe. Servicing it is a piece of cake. Change the oil,filter and give it a good inspection. Learning how to service it will teach you how to do pre and post ride inspections. Find someone knowledgeable to help you. Well worth the effort.

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    You wont find anything under 300 per ski in miami. All they'll do is change oil and plugs. And lube up ski.

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    I know someone that can do it for about 200 each. Pm me if you wanna know the dealer. But still think you should DIY

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    Thank you all for the quick responses! I hear you and agree I need to stop making excuses and just DIY = ) Tks!!

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    You don't need any fancy tool. First time I used a simple hand operated oil extraction pump bought from Lowe's.

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    Do you have the extended warranty? I know it is not cheap for them to do the 10 hour service, but it is a good way to build a good relationship with your dealer for later if you do have a problem and need warranty work, does the Dealer have to do it to maintain warranty.... NO, but it is a good way to get to know them and them know you , and if they do find a problem then it goes a long way with getting things covered......JMHO

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