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    SC lateral movement?

    I have noticed on the last few SC's I've seen after rebuild, that there is always some lateral movement (play) in the shaft. If you hold on to the gear and push it in and out of the charger, you can feel and hear a tiny amount of movement.

    As all of the chargers I handled have been rebuilt, I cant see where any lateral movement can come from wear, as all friction surfaces are replaced (ie bearings). Whats more, the bearings cannot be pressed in too far, and if they were not pressed in far enough, that would tighten and remove this play.

    Is it just manufacturing casting tolerance differences I'm feeling?

    Guess it make no difference to the SC, as the gear isn't that sensitive to lateral reach into the engine. Even a few mm wouldn't be a problem. The other end, the turbine wheel, it can't touch or catch the housing, so some amount of play shouldn't cause that a problem?

    I am only talking a few thousanths, but enough to feel and hear.

    Thoughts, experiences?

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    The bearings used in the SC must have a slight amount of clearance when cold, as the bearings expand in the heat in high speed applications.

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    You guys have an answer for even the geekiest of questions, I love this forum!! Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tornado34 View Post
    You guys have an answer for even the geekiest of questions, I love this forum!! Cheers
    YEP, specially Big daddy!

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    C3 Bearing will always have some play ...

    Just keep an eye on it , stay in tolerance or will tap out or worse ...

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    If you heat the Center section with a industrial heat gun.. (NO FLAME) you can just push them in with you hand. I Do not Use a press of any type.

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