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    Seadoo RPMs limited after it warms up


    I just bought a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec (non-sc) Thanks for this post Jarret

    My 4-cycle Seadoo runs FANTASTIC for the 1st hour and then will not go over 4500/5000 RPMs. I can not go any faster than 30/40 mph.

    A week ago I put it in the water for the 1st time, ran great for an hour and then I limped home, plenty of gas.

    It had plenty of power up till about 4500 RPMS but wont let me go over, I can quickly pump the gas and it will give me small surges up to 5k RPM, no trouble codes visible.

    I tried turning it off, letting it rest for 15 minutes, nothing worked. When I took it out of the water, it went to max RPMs fine.

    So I took it to a local guy that has a BUDS machine. He said he did not find any bad codes or issues, but when he took off each coil one by one, that one cylinder was having issues, he replaced one coil wire.

    I went out the next day and it ran strong, thinking my problem was solved I went out a long way. I was wrong, same issue after about an hour or 1.5 hours. It would not allow me to go over a certain RPM.

    So I let it sit for an hour, same issue. I let it sit all night and it ran like a champ again the next day until low and behold an hour or so later I am limping home again. Again, throttle until 4500 RPM is STRONG and steady, no hesitation issues. It just will not allow me to utilize all the RPMS. Kind of like it is only getting enough gas to make it to 4500 RPMs or something is just plain telling it not to go any further. It is pretty consistent.. Its not like its 3k RPMS then its 5k, it happens right at 45000 RPMS every time.

    I just ordered a cheap rectifier but I doubt that is the issue, could it be the knock sensor or the fuel pump warming up and not working properly? HELP!!!!!!!

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    Can an exhaust leak cause this issue? Seems more like it does it 30 minutes now and 30-35 mph max 5500 RPM max allowed.

    Smells like strong exhaust exiting when I take the seat off, or maybe its supposed to be all hot and stank?

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    If you smell exhaust quite possible you have a leak and that could hurt the performance.

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    A exhaust leak could do this but usually you will notice it right away at wide open throttle.

    Something else to try is when it acts up shut it down and open the fuel filler. Maybe the tank vent is blocked and its vapor locking?? Worth a try.

    Also if it is a exhaust leak simply take the seat off and see if the problem goes away. If it dose then you know its probably a exhaust leak.

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    Maybe it's taking an hour/and a half for the hull to fill with exhaust fumes, than it's pretty much choking the engine of fresh air. Not to mention incredibly dangerous.

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