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    New issue after rebuilding pump in 2000 SUV

    I think I am experiencing cavitation but the symptoms were not the same before rebuilding the pump. So before the pump rebuild and replacing the impeller the SUV had excessive wear ring clearance and would just sit in the water on a hole shot like a slipping transmission. Once it got going every thing was fine and it would run 51 mph. After the seals failed on the pump and the bearings were full of saltwater. I replaced the bearings and got a remanufactured impros impeller. Clearance on the new unit looked good and everything went back together properly. Yesterday, I went to the lake and noticed an big improvement off the line but now fill a slight vibration or skipping feeling in the pump as it pulls up out of the water. Then when making sharp turns I feel the same feeling. During straight and normal turning everything feels normal. Is this cavitation possibly? I have not sealed the pump shoe to transom plate but never felt this issue before the rebuild.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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    Sounds odd to me...
    I have a 2001 SUV, my problem was cavitation coming out of the hole. I filled the cavities in the pump shoe and it helped a lot.
    I also changed out the intake for a R&D Aquafin. Don't know if it made any difference, but I did it anyways.
    I think my pump and impeller need changed too. You could be experiencing cavitation...
    Never heard of cavitation at speed before, usually just starting...

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