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    Not hitting full RPMS 05 rxp

    Under full throttle i hit 7700 rps max.

    Had the Motor Sports shop change my oil for me. While out riding yesterday i noticed that i couldn't get above 7700 rpms. So i decided to check my oil because i read and heard that being to full could lower rpms. When i popped the seat off and looked, it looked like oil was coming outta the dip-stick. Pulled it out and it was well over full. I mean well over.

    Im pretty sure this is the problem, as the ski runs great.

    I just wanted to get a second and third opinion.

    Gonna remove some oil tomorrow or wed.

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    Over filling the oil will slow the ski down. Drain it down until it is half way between the low and high mark's and you will be good to go.

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    Yea i figured, bunch of numb nuts at the Powersports shoP!

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