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    Re-pitching prop SVHO a really dumb question:

    Could I depitch the trailing edge on my stock prop without removing it from the shaft? I'm sure I could go pull the pump and have a look...but I'm sure someone has tried this or though about it before. I know you could easily check to see what pitch the blades are without removing it, but can you fit a crescent wrench on the blade closest to the pump housing? I'm hoping it's possible, so I can true up my impeller before I go spend money on a new one.

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    nope.pull it off and do it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FXSlowKroozer View Post
    nope.pull it off and do it right.

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    Pulling the prop off really isn't that hard. Disconnect the linkages, remove the reverse bucket, and the 4 bolts holding the pump. whole thing should slide out.

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