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    1997 Seadoo XP Do and don't

    I just picked up two projects one being a 97 XP 787, What things should i look out for? From what i can tell the oil tank is gone, Is the Oil injection worth putting back in place on this? the guy did said he was premixing it and it was running, said the wear ring and afew other things was replace about 2k total in both but i don't believe it he didn't have the paper work to show for it. lol I only have maybe $300 in both.... I also get no beeps but put the lanyard on and i get the oil light and the gauges come to life and it spins over just no fuel in it at the moment.....
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    First I would check for gray fuel lines and replace if they are there. If gray lines were there I would clean the carbs. Probably not a bad idea to rebuild them anyways. Alot of jetski owners lack maintaining them. Run them hard and just put em away wet. As far as the oil pump. I guess thats personal preference. I like the fuel pump on my skiis. My wife and daughter ride them and I don't want them to worry about trying to figure out the mixture and risking running it lean.
    Not getting two beeps is probably a shorted buzzer located in the handlebar pad. I had a 99 that didn' t chirp. Turned out to be that. I think you're right about not trusting a seller. Sellers lie unfortunately or exaggerate service done on skiis. You can check the general condition of the wear ring with a flash light looking through the inlet and through the nozzle. When I get a ski I pull the pump and check the bearings and oil level in the cone. I just don't like suprises when we get out on the water. Remember these skiis are like 16 yrs. Old but if you get them up to speed on the maintenance. They will give you years of fun. Good luck

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    Yea i figured about the grey lines but what i would like to know how do you get back to the fuel tank to access the lines?

    Also it seems it is Beeping now, go figure. lol

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    Unfasten the seat on the front pivots....its pretty easy
    Take off the cowling under the seat, loosen the big hoseclamp on the shock boot.
    With the hood open, spread the two front seat mounting points, lift up and swing to the left or right.
    The round black rubber cover that is now exposed....take out. Fuel lines and pickup are under there.

    If you want, undo the hoseclamp bottom of shock, take out bottom shock bolt and take the whole seat off.

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    I have a complete one minus motor if you need any parts 97 xp. they are in my way I need the space.

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