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    SL780 Crankshaft Help

    I am preparing to replace a piston in my SL780. My concern is that I will be replacing the piston-side rod bearing and am considering just replacing the entire connecting rod.

    My crank is stock as far as I know, but will I be able to replace the connecting rod with simple tools or is there something special I need?

    I have heard that some cranks are welded, but my understanding is that this is a performance upgrade. Will my stock crank just seperate once removed so that I can change the rod?


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    Welcome to the Hulk! Sorry to say, but not a chance can you replace a connecting rod with simple tools. You would need a rebuilt crank in order to do so, which ranges from $400-550 depending where it's done. You can take a chance and just rebuild the top end, which may come back and bite you. Or do it all and have piece of mind. Sorry, I know it's not the answer you wanted, but I think all will agree with me.

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    Hello 5276 I'd also like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    The crank is pressed together and the rods don't "simply" unbolt from the crank.
    What happened to the piston you're replacing? If it's minor damage I'd roll the dice and hope the crank is good. If you ingested water and hydro-locked the engine, you'll want to replace/repair the crank.
    Have any pictures of the carnage??

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