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    96 gtx idle's fine but ...

    HI, just got a 96 gtx that has been sitting for 3 years. I rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines. I emptied the gas tank and put new gas in. Took it to the river to test it out today. It starts and idle's good but when you give some throttle,it dies acting like its getting no gas. Would only restart when i would use the choke. I set the car adjustments to factory specs. Any suggestions on my next step would be appreciated.

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    I have the same skis (3 of them) I have done the carbs on all of them a couple of times. you might want to double check your carb rebuilt it has happened to me before, you might have a clog somewhere in the carbs. or might have a stuck needle. those 2 things have had me going crazy a couple of times before...

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