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    2013 RXP-X 260 mods, VTECH what to expect for MPH

    Decided to go with a VTECH tune for my bone stock 2013 RXP-X 260. What should I expect for MPH? Also any other supporting mods I should consider that are good gain for the price.

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    valve spring kit
    the ski will be much different at 85-8700

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    What tune you going to start with?

    8375 you can keep the stock valve train intact. I'd probably also throw on the 4" air intake. You should see a good 72MPH GPS(maybe 73 under the right conditions) if your RPMs on that tune are hitting about 8250-8300.

    Popular set up is 8375 tune, Fizzle intercooler upgrade, 4" air intake, stock prop pitch or SZR 15/20 pitched properly, RRFPR, and free mods. Depending on where you ride that set up tuned in should get you in that 74MPH GPS (+1/-1 and no lower then 72MPH) and be very reliable.

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    In the cooler months I was seeing 76 on a quarter tank, but now in the summer heat it has dropped to a max of 73-74 in same conditions. The new intercooler has really helped with heat fade.

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