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    FXHO 2009 Worx Sponsons

    Competing in the UK Aquax championships and am trying anything that will make my ski more competitive.

    In comparison to other pwc's the stock sponsons don't seem to have any "paddle" on them hence giving aftermarket a try.

    Brought some worx one's as I hear they are better than the others just need some advice regards setup.

    Courses are about 2 miles with six turns hence straight line speed and stability more important than sharp turns.

    General and specific advice appreciated as I don't live near a lake/sea and its difficult to do lots of testing, they are the same as the SHO's.

    Here's a picture... thanks in advance

    Click image for larger version. 

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    WORX are great sponsons, really hard to beat

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    as i told Dave previously , be careful with Worx sponsons as from personal experience i have found the bolts for fitting the mounting to the hull are too short and only pick up on the first 3 threads of the hull inserts . I have come home to find the insert broken and the mounting and blade pulled away from the hull . it needs the depth of the hull insert to be measured and added to the depth of the thru mounting hole in order to determine the length of the bolt required . check this as it is important and may well have been a contributing factor to the whole hull section that carries the sponson breaking away from the ski and causing it to be an insurance total loss . when i posted up about this on the UK pwcforums site there was a response of the same happening to him .

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