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Thread: Xl 800 Impeller

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    Xl 800 Impeller

    Hey everyone im looking at getting a new impeller for my xl 800. I have seen that solas makes one and its the yf-cd-11/14. I have also seen that skat makes one the 155xl swirl at 10/16. Im wondering what would be the best for the ski. Its stock with low hours and has an intake grate and that has helped a bunch just trying to get a little less cavitation on it out of the hole and maybe a bit more on the top end. We basically use it with 1 rider at a time ranging from 180lb-250lbs. Every once in a while we pull a tube but mostly just the rider.

    Just looking for whats the best for our use. We appreciate everyones input.

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    Bumping this back up.

    Hoping to get some sort of input really anything will do

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    11/14 works really well on the 800

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