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    2000 polaris slh700 tricky ignition issue

    hey guys im new to the community and so far everyone has been super helpful, but im haveing a weird ignition problem on my slh700, last seasson my dad did the full ignition update cdi,stator,coil,wires,plugs. and it ran great for a few weeks but one day we lost spark.

    i know they have to have a strong battery to fire the plugs and it did but the part that baffled me was i read about the jumper wire to fix the hotstart issue i did that and had no affect at all, i did some deep thinking and testing and dicovered a solution for my problem,

    i pulled the black and yellow wire that comes off of the cdi from the board and immediately had hot spark and it fired right up, i put the plug back on and still ran fine,

    I left the battery hooked up for the night and came out this morning and no spark, so i pulled the black and yellow plug again and it fired right up then put it back on and still fired up fine.

    has anyone had this issue or know a permanant solution?

    I'm on the verge of going insane due to not being able to get on the water lol

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    Black/Yellow is the ignition kill signal, which you already knew.

    The CDI monitors Black/Yellow, sensing if that wire is grounded. Grounded Black/Yellow means no spark, which of course is how the kill switch stops the engine.

    My guess is that somewhere in the switches or wiring there is corrosion or frayed wires and it is causing a weak ground signal that the CDI is sensing. Have a close look at the lanyard switch and the Stop button.

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