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    RXP-X Knock problem

    Ok so I have a 2012 RXP-X 260, I took it out for the second time this summer the other day and it threw the fault code P0325, I looked it up and it says it is the knock sensor. I've read that this code is caused primarily from the sensor going bad and not actually knock (is this true, what I've read is that I would have had a P0326 code if it was actually knocking?). So I was planning on checking the sensor with a multimeter and replacing it if it was bad, rather than taking it to the dealer since they always seem to take a while, even though its under warranty. First question is how many ohms of resistance should it have at idle, and does this change as rpms increase? Second I tried looking for it yesterday and had read that the knock sensor is located under the air intake on these skis and you needed to remove the airbox. When I looked at mine I saw the intercooler and everything attached to it it just seems like a pain to remove all that to get to the sensor and even if I did I dont know what those are supposed to be torqued back to when I reinstall them. I know that the sensor needs to be torqued to 18 ft-lbs. I really don't want to mess with the intercooler and everything since it is under warrenty and I already needed them to replace one last summer, should I just take it to the dealer and be done with it?

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    have the dealer order the sensor before you drop off the sled

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