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    No Beeps!

    Need help...I have a 2000 GTI and I have literally done everything I can think of short of throwing parts at it. Quick insight, I've been building 2 stroke racing engines for 20 years and have worked on rotax kart engines. I personally hate the way they do the electronics on the kart engines and the PWC isn't much better lol. I've rebuilt the engine and pump assembly and go plug the key in and nothing...absolutely nothing. Here is what is checked out for sure:
    -Battery (actually 3 just to verify)
    -fuses are good
    -MPEM and key programmed (was told by programmer everything is good)
    -New DESS post (even put the old one back on to check)
    -checked ground cable and coil ground
    -Now, the harness had looked like it had dropped on the pipe at one point and I repaired those sections. I tested the harness with a meter and definitely have power to the MPEM.
    -Solenoid checks out fine
    -Rectifier checks out fine
    I was told that the beeper only needs 7 wires to trigger. pos,neg wire, 3- post wires, 2- beeper wires.

    If I'm missing something (which I very well could be lol) please let me know.

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    I'd have a much harder look at the fuses and the various connectors associated with the harness meltage

    did you check the inside of the key?

    I've seen this a few times, the sides of the metal connector fold over and short against the center should however get a "wrong key" beep when anything closes that magnetic switch inside the post signaling the mpem to read the key number.

    Have a second look at the mpem connectors..DO NOT probe them with a voltmeter, the connector pins are easily damaged..and the damage is hard to detect as the size of the pins is changed when you jam a probe in there so they _look_ good but do not make contact.

    oh yeah...welcome to the hulk!

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    Sounds simple but are you sure the beeper is good mine died.

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