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    1995 Wave Venture Fuel Issue? 119 hours

    Good afternoon, Being this is my first post I would like say thank you in advance for the help.

    I had no problems with the ski last year, put stabil in the fuel and ran it for a good while before putting it up for the winter. It stayed in an isulated garage over winter. Took the ski to the lake last week. It fired right up and we rode on and off for 2 hours. The last 30 minutes we rode steady and WOT across the lake, about 3/4 of the way back the ski started to act like it was bogging down. Cut it off crank it back up and it would run WOT (43 mph) for about 1 minute then drop back to 25 mph. Cut it off crank it back up and same thing over and over. It eventually got worse and we put it on the trailer. No warnings of over heating or low oil on the screen. Oil was full and motor was not overly hot to touch as I could actually put my hand on it without being scorched.
    First Thought fuel filter, (it looked bad - had sludge) replaced it and the spark plugs then filled up the tank with fuel..
    Took it back to the lake and it ran like a brand new one. Ran WOT for a solid 15 minutes, then rode cutting up a bit, after that took a break to jump in. Got back on it and rode it hard cutting up for 5-10 minutes then it started to cut out just like it did the first time. Cut it off and wait, it will run back up to 40+mph then acts like its starving for fuel or bogging down. Will only run 25 mph.
    Check the fuel filter, looks good, actually poured the fuel out of it in an empty water bottle to inspect. Looks clean. Plugs are fine checked them again too. Put the fuel filter back in and headed back on the lake, this time it continued to get worse running slower and slower each time you cut it off and crank it. Never running over 25-30 mph.
    It is possible that the tank is some how creating a vacuum? Would the vent check valve cause this?
    I plan to take it back to the lake with out doing anything to see if it will run good to start out with again and if it starts this then take the fuel cap off to see if that fixes it.

    What do you think?

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    Sounds like it's time for carb rebuilds. Ethanol sitting over the winter wreaks havoc on carbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dad2kmr View Post
    Sounds like it's time for carb rebuilds. Ethanol sitting over the winter wreaks havoc on carbs.
    Maybe so but it hasn't affected the 1994 wave raider that sits right beside it and gets the same treatment. Do you think the carbs would allow it to run wot for that long as well as riding hard if they were in that bad of shape? It's almost like its a timeline event or fuel level deal for it to happen the way it has.

    I forgot to mention that the gas gauges read low fuel all the time but that shouldn't affect anything.
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    OK, no expert here (hence the but own 4 of these skis. First off, is it a 700 or 1100? If 700, the carbs are very sensitive to dirt and fuel issues. If you have never taken one apart, the holes that the fuel goes thru are VERY SMALL. So any crap will cause issues. I would number one check your compression..make sure that the engine has 150 psi if 700 or 120 if 1100

    The next thing is make sure the grate is clean. Sometimes on a lake, you get weeds and they will clog the intake grate causing the prop to not get water into it.. Will cause a low speed issue. When you shut it off, they drop off and run fine again.

    Next is the prop binding up on you? maybe the wear ring is getting hot and binding up causing the engine to bog and strain..

    Rebuilding the carbs is not a bad thing. Get the genuine Mikuni kits, about 45 each. I do automotive work but if you don't, can walk you thru it (have done two sets and they run great).

    If its a 1100, that speed is low. The fuel pump could be going. usually they wont restart after.

    The tank on these is actually pressurized by the crankcase causing the fuel to be forced out and pumped by the carbs.

    if you have any questions, call me at 973 277 4294 help if I can


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    Sorry for not clarifying, it is a 700. The grate is clear (the lake we ride on has hydrilla so I'm all to familiar with what that is like, as well as a ski rope here or there).

    I hadn't thought about the wear ring causing an issue, but will check that as well as the compression on the motor and get back with you. The wear ring does make sense, I've just never had problems with it.

    Thanks for explaining how the fuel system functions and offering to walk me through a carb rebuild. I guess I've been extremely lucky as I have had my 700 wave raider since 1996, it has been rode extremely hard, but I've never had to mess with the engine or carbs (other than tuning the jets after adding K & N air filters). That was the main reason I bought the 1995 wave venture last year I knew how tough the motor is, plus ski was in great shape inside and out.

    I will be calling you if I end up heading down the carb rebuild path I'm just trying to eliminate all other mechanical items as I have the least experience with the motor.

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    I'm no expert either, but generally speaking electronics behave like that too, like ignition coils when they start to go bad, if its possible for you, I Dont know how good your balance is, but when it starts to do that bogging down, throw an inline spark test light on one of the plug wires, (they have them at harbor freight for a few bucks), you also may have to use some wraps of electrical tape on part of it, since the leg by the bulb may be too long for the boot to cover, and fire it back up and when it starts doing it again, pull the seat and take a peek at the tester. Just a thought, I honestly Dont know if it's possible to do on one of those skis, I've only ever had sea doos

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    Time for a carb rebuild. Also check the tank vent check valve. If it sticks, it keeps the tank from pressurizing. Easy check is on a warm day remove the fuel cap. Should have a little pressure behind it. Had that problem with the wife's 700 venture. Take care of the carbs....The 700 is particularly vulnerable because it has only one fuel pump. The pump must be maintained in good condition.

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    Ok - here is the update the wear ring looks fine, no grooves and the clearance matches what is on my raider. I will be picking up a compression tester today and will report back what i find.

    I took the ski back to the lake yesterday without changing anything from the last time i rode it (didn't add any fuel or anything). Came off the trailer cranked fine, idled fine, hit top end fine ran for 2 miles maybe 3 cut a few circles, slowed down here and there for boat traffic and then it started again.

    Unscrewed the gas cap (which was extremely tight) seemed to almost be sucked on rather than have pressure blowing it off. After that it would only run about 30 mph before dropping back to about 20. Cut it off and it would run back up to 30 then cut out. Again the longer it runs the worse it gets.

    Bean - How exactly does this vent/check valve line work? It appears to me that after the check valve line runs back to the partition wall and has a tube it feeds into then it just dead legs out the top of that. What is the purpose of that - is it similar to an expansion tank scenario? I was expecting to find an open end rather than a crimped end. I plan to pull the check valve of both skis and compare to see if there is a difference.

    I'm not trying to ignore the (rebuild the carb) comments, I'm just not a motor guy so I'm trying to rule out all other issues first.

    Speed - I will also get spark tester and test that. (If that was failing would you expect the spark plugs to be fouling)? Do you think I might be able to test this on the hose?

    Thanks again for the help guys. Attached it a pic of the wear ring.Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry the pic doesn't show it very well when it's that small.

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    The problem is the fuel tank vent is closed off. The fuel tank vent is located at the back of the front seat. you will see a hose with a plastic fitting sticking up where the front seat ataches to the hull at the back . This plastic fitting is closed off at the top but has a small hole drilled in the side of it. The problem is the plastic fitting has gotten pushed to far down in the hose blocking the air flow hole in the side of it to the tank all you need todfo is pull the fitting up till the hole is exposed again. Let me know if this fixes your problem. Tommy Jordan

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