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    Cavitation Problem and Estimated Speed at Elevation

    So I have my stage 2 Ultra up here in colorado.

    Problem: I get some bad cavitation and the rear end looses grip from a stand still if I hit the gas to hard. like maybe around 50% throttle at a stand still it will want to loose grip. Any suggestions? The pump is fine I took it apart and checked everything. Just replaced my bearing carrier. Im wondering about the ride plate seal? I head that can cause some issues? Any other ideas?

    Question: I ride at 5,800 feet with this stage 2 ultra and get around 6500 rpm maybe a bit less and 60 mph on GPS. Does this sound about right? I know the RAD is like 75% of full engine horse power. Would that contribute to the roughly 10 mph loss? (Assuming a stage 2 ultra will do around 70.

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    You're positive there is not a rock/stick stuck in your intake grate? Do any of your local riding buddies have the same traction issue?

    From memory,(haven't been out this season yet) your rpm/speed sounds correct.

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    At 5800 feet you're going to lose 20-30% of your horsepower.

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