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    03 Sea Doo RX DI rectifier issue?

    2 weeks ago I took my 03 RX DI out without any issues and today the ski started and idled fine but then wouldn't run more than about 3500 rpms. When it did run it ran rough and cut off a few times. No code, lights or beeps. I searched some forums and found people were having similar issues with a bad rectifier so I checked the voltage in my battery and it was over 19v. Can a bad rectifier cause the battery to become overcharged? Also the rectifier and battery were replaced last year by the previous owner, is it likely that it is already bad or should I be looking for something else?

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    regulator appears to be bad. check all cables to the battery and regulator.

    Should have tossed a 12v high warning, hence the suggestion to check the wiring before installing a new regulator.

    I assume you read the codes off the mpem?

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    Nope never threw any codes which is why I am confused. It seems like most people who have had rectifier issues got a 12v warning or a maint but I got nothing.

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    Sorry after rereading your post I understand what you are suggesting.

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