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    03 gtx sc key issue after new ecm installed

    ECM failed on 03 gtx sc - i installed new one, took to dealer to program keys (one new) - when key is installed, no beeper and gauges dont move. The word sea doo comes up then compass reading - unit starts fine, gauges work. Once started, i remove lanyard, immediately reinstall lanyard, the beeper works and gauges move normal prior to starting. If i wait 30-45 secs and reinstall lanyard, no beep and no gauge movement, but starts fine and everything seems normal. Whats even weirder is if i install key and remove it exactly 3 times in row, beeper and gauges move normal on 3rd time prior to starting. I tried this at least 20 times and same exact results. Didnt have this problem before ecm replacement. fuses, pins, lanyard all connectors clean. Makes no diff jiggling or squeezing keys, etc. Dealer thought maybe dess post but that doesnt make sense to me. Any ideas?

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    If anyone else runs into this situation - I installed different program module and key hit everytime.

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