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    08 gp1300r performance and rebuild questions.

    So I have been having some speed issues with the gp. We were only getting 64 mph out of it. I would assume with the mods that the ski should be faster. I know I need to get a tach on it to see where we stand with rpm. That's the next step.

    This weekend I installed an r and d ride plate and lost 2 mph. The ski bounces at 45 to 55 pretty bad. I know I'm going to have to shim the plate before it's right but that's a big loss. The only theory I can come up with is that the impeller is too short and decreasing drag on the hull raised the rpm above an already high number. Am I on the right track or way off base?

    Also I am curious about how many hours you guys usually get before a top end build is needed. The ski has over 230 hours now.

    It seems to run real good other than the low top speed. It's very strong out of the hole and pulls hard. I'm just kinda stumped at this point.

    Riva air filter
    Gutted water box
    Riva free flow exhaust
    Stepped sponsons
    R and d ride plate
    R and d extended nozzle
    R and d intake grate
    Ejk fuel controller
    Factory heads were milled by the previous owner. I'm not sure how much or where the compression was after they were done.
    Cat d plate

    I may be forgetting a thing or two...

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    And a 13/19 skat setback impeller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfmavrik View Post
    And a 13/19 skat setback impeller.
    Your impeller and your other mods are great improvement for holeshot, not much top speed mods.
    For more speed you can start with a Solas YG-DF14/20.

    About the hours your one of the lucky ones. Most skis fail way before that.
    Its your choice to make a top end rebuild, but it's a waste when the crank fails some hours later.

    Why fix what isn't broken.

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    Thanks! I guess after a tach I'll figure out the impeller situation. I'll wait for it to let go then probably port it and build it.

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