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    Found a Ultra300 NEED ADVICE!!!

    Went out to look at the new Ultras and FX/FZ SVHOs today.I keep being drawn back to the darkside of the Ultra300x. I had a 2012 Ultra300x Bone Stock(not even a SCOM)previously but sold it.I found a used one they had that caught my eye. Its a 2012 Ultra300X Blue/Black just like i had before.Although this one has a Shorelander trailer with Spare mounted on tongue. The Ski has all the Riva Kit 1 but a different ride plate I think it was R&D,just looked at badging real quick. didnt get a chance to look at the intake grate. Ski comes with straps for rear tie down and a Kawasaki Cover.Also has fire extinguisher.

    Mods: Riva Speed Override Control Module / Riva Performance Filter Kit(Intake) / Riva Flee Flow Exhaust / Riva Pro Series Water Box / Riva Pro Series Sponsons / R&D Ride plate.

    ***All mods were bought an installed by dealership and ski was bought new there as well.***
    ***Previous Owner also had the LX mount on handlebars for the GPS Holder and GPS is included.***

    ***The biggest plus of the ski besides having everything done is it only has 9 HOURS!***

    The ski is in good shape.Has few surface stratches,that are very very minor on front of hull looks like from beaching.Also a small scratch on body in front like hairline and about 2 inches long. The dealer priced it to me for is at 12299. I asked them to give me a deal on the ski they came down to 11224 + $100 dealer fee plus tax first pass to me. They sell you the Ski and trailer 11324 plus dealer fee and tax.Im not asking for OTD advice as tax is different everywhere.

    I pad 9500+tax from a private owner so no dealer fee for my 2012 last year bone stock with trailer.
    Knowing all this how much would you guys say is a fair deal for the ski?

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    I have seen them around here for that but the places wanting that 11199 for a 13.The only thing about that is when a dealer discounts them down that far you have a bunch of fees that put you at 11899 plus trailer plus tax. Dealers that dont have fees charge you 11899 for the ski.

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    Brush the dust off of that check book and write the check

    Or maybe you need to continue your shopping. Here's more information for you if you choose to wait - Reference:

    Good Luck !!!

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    Where are you located? A dealer has a 2012 and 2013 on a double he's trying to get rid off. 0 hour skis. Believe he said 10.5 OTD for the 2012. Sure you can work a better deal if serious. They're in Georgia, so you'll pay your taxes back in your home state.

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    Now that's a deal! $10.5 zero hrs ... all warranty

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    I got a new New no hours 2012 last year for $9999 plus 300 whatever fees. So that dealer IMO can shove

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue1 View Post
    I got a new New no hours 2012 last year for $9999 plus 300 whatever fees. So that dealer IMO can shove
    Killer deal. Congratulations.

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    I was at local dealer today and back in the corner was a Blue 2012 300 with 18hrs for $9999.00. Looks in good shape. However, prior owner forgot to put in plugs and ski sank in nearby lake. He brought ski back and bought new 310. Ski was nursed back to health and still has full warranty. Dealer will let me take it to nearby lake to test anytime. What do you think? Sinking is risky and deserves more discount? Or, added value and safety in that ski comes pre-disastered--the chances of a second similar calamity are astronomical! I was not necessarily looking at this moment but seemed an interesting deal...

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    I would never buy a sinking ski/boat... there is always a risk.
    Shop around, there is or used to have a lot of left over under 10.5k OTD!

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