How well do you remember Sea-Doo’s 3D? For those unfamiliar, the 3D was BRP’s first entry into the standup market that also doubled as a go-kart and single-seater runabout. Based off of the brand’s smaller runabouts, the 3D featured a large platform for standup riding, a collapsible banana seat that folded out for one-up riding, and a detachable bucket seat for karting.

Unfortunately, the 3D was a failure. It didn’t particularly shine in any of the three riding positions and enthusiasts simply didn’t know what do with it. Although well-built and executed, the final result was just trying to be too many things at once. For those who think back fondly on the 3D or for those who think everything above sounds like something you’d really like, we have good news.

The BomBoard is the brainchild of inventor John West, who wanted to design a modular personal watercraft that could be disassembled and fit in a compact car before being reassembled and enjoyed by “Millennials” who otherwise cannot afford an apartment outside of their parents’ house, not to mention the large, high-prices supercharged personal watercraft inundating the market today. When the four pieces are assembled (a process taking a purported 60 seconds), the BomBoard weighs in at 150 pounds. Powered by 250cc 34hp engine, it tops out at 40 miles per hour.

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