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    Polaris Virage TX 2000 sometimes missfires at full throtle

    Hello everyone. Hello K447 thanks for all your help in the past.
    I took my Polaris to the lake and it ran very nice for a while, after 20 min or so it started to what it seems to is misfire, although it idles fine but when accelerated it takes of with sort of like intermittent hesitation. At this point it wont go into a full speed. The unit restarts just fine. When I got to the shore I adjusted the fuel to a bit leaner conditions, as the day before I reattached air filter (flame thingie) and its cover and added just a bit more gas at the lower needles and shortly after it started to ran fine again. I premix 40:1 and i have oil pump connected. I replaced all the oil lines and removed the pump for test, after decided just in case to premix first tank.
    Here are some pics of my plugs shortly after this ran, I am trying to figure out what really happened when it began to ran poorly.Maybe my mixture was to rich at some point.
    Thank you guys for all your help in advance.
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    Just trying to brainstorm, but could it be the ignition coils? Or maybe firing order, but i doubt that because it is hard to mess that up unless you wemt trough all the coil wires and pulled each one out individually and put them back in the wrong spot

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    Check the plug wires. I have seen a few of those not hold the plug very well. I had one that used to just pop off all the time.

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    Thanks, plug wire are new and as far as coil wires connected i think they are connected in the correct order, other wise it would run poor all the time and not sometime. What do u guys think about the color of my plugs?

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    Make sure the wires are fully seated in the coil. It takes a good amount of effort to get them snapped in completely.

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    I will check again, I did replaced them. Is there a way to just test probe them with a multimeter?

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    Unscrew the cap on the box for the plug wire and try to pull the wire out. If it comes out easily they werent snapped in correctly.

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    Don't really know what happened, it runs fine now, for now I will assume it was improper mixture.
    Thank you all !

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    Does it do it consistently once the machine is warm? I've seen coils start acting up on they were warm. Are you getting good spark if it's tied up and running the motor? Or if you've figured it out what was it?

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    Saw you just updated lol. Glad you got it figured out.

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