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    Supercharger Hose Blows Off.....?

    Hi there! About 2 weeks ago, I took off all hoses to inspect for leaks, since then, the hose coming from supercharger to intercooler keeps blowing off. Any one got some ideas to prevent this?? Going to change to clamp today, other than that, I heard spraying hairspray and spray paint on outlet so tube adheres... Any thoughts??

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    T bolt clamp for sure. Make sure it's SS. Also be careful it's not too wide. If it is it will not sit snug behind the ridge at the end of the SC outlet, instead it will sit half on it. Then it's just a matter of time before it pops off.

    Also, clean inside hoses and SC / IC inlet outlets with degreaser ( I use rubber safe brake cleaner). Then you should be good to go.

    High boost car geeks use hairspray on the hoses. I've never tried, but sounds feasible. Good luck.

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    Awesome, thanks for your reply !!

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    Make sure you have no oily residue on the Scer or inside the coupler....i would clean them completely with brake clean and then replace your clamp with a good solid one...Also make sure it is the right size....goinf 1 size bigger may not give it the tightness needed to stay clamped..

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    jpt, I just ordered new SC...are these the bolts you recommend for new SC? which size? (I dont have ski with me)...Thanks!

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    These 2 sizes IF using Riva boost tubes or similar (2 3/4").
    Above from the supercharger to boost tube AND boost tube to throttlebody
    Above from the boost tube to the intercooler AND from the Intercooler to the boost tube.

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    Thanks TG!! sorry, I should of been more specific...stock hoses, '10 rxt using x charger...still the same?

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    The sizes will be the same but the stock hoses are not a thick as silicone couplers. But first, use some brake cleaner on the supercharger and intercooler and clean the boost tubes in the kitchen sink with warm water and dawn dish soap, rise well, let air dry. Spray the interior of the boost tubes with windex, install, tighten hose clamps. This has worked well on my other ski.

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    ordered, thanks again!

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