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    2000 GP1200R and 2003 GPR interchangeability

    Long story short, I bought a 2000 GPR with a blown motor to fix. But, it turns out I have unfixable title issues with that ski. I found a 2003 GPR empty hull with a good title, but haven't picked it up yet. My question is how much of these two skis will cross over?

    I think my main concern is the pump unit and driveshaft. From everything I've been reading, the '02s have an extension that would be different than my '00. Is this true for '03s as well, or is it possible that I could assemble it with my '00 parts and no extension? I guess if I get it cheap enough, I'll find out this stuff through trial and error, though any help is appreciated!

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    The hulls are identical, everything will swap over. I believe only 02 had different size drive shafts but I could be wrong about that. Either way if you swaping everything over(00 to 03)it will work. The only way you would run into problems is if you happend to have 02 shafts you were trying mix match.

    Edit:It looks like only the mid shaft is different on 02+, this was because of the 2 inch extension. I thought the other shaft changed as well but I just looked it up now that I'm home and they have the same part numbers.
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    That's good to hear, and thanks for checking. If everything works out, I'm going to have some fun with this one. Planning on doing a vinyl wrap while it's an empty hull. I scored a built shortblock with a new Hotrods crank for a $750. Been trying to figure out a top end, but as I've been learning more about this, it looks like my cylinders are in really good shape still except for the one with a hole in it. The two have no scoring and the cross hatch patterns are easily visible. Guess I'll be on the lookout for a deal on another good cylinder and I think the plan from there is to use a flex-hone to remove what little glazing if any I have, check it with a bore gauge and install a new top end kit. Still have yet to decided whether I'm brave enough to attempt rebuilding the carbs though!

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