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    Smile Opening up the motor

    I have a 2002 Yamaha XLT800. Based on recommendations I have been given, I need to remove the power valves to see if one of them has fallen into the piston. I can't remove the cover without also removing sections of the exhaust. I have never opened up a jet-ski motor. Do you guys have any general recommendations/suggestions when taking things apart and putting them back?

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    no need to pull p/v covers yet. just pull off head 1st and have a look...

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    Well I found the problem. The front power valve disintegrated into little pieces and got in the way of the piston. I have attached some pictures. The guy helping me who knows much more than me is telling me that we may be able to file the edge of the piston down a little and not have to replace it. I made a newbie mistake. As I was pulling the power valve out, I dropped the pin at the top of the valve down into the "water slot" on the cylinder. It is the hole in the upper right of the attached picture. How do I get it out? Where is the best price on a new power valve?
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    You can find everything used on eBay or in the Yamaha classified sections of this site.

    To change the piston you'll need to unbolt the jug--4 bolts, and use new gaskets during reassembly, and pay attention to torque specs. The SBT gaskets have always worked fine for me, or go OEM. Once you unbolt the jug you can turn it upside down and get out your lost pin.

    You will also need to inspect the cylinder walls, especially since that's a sleeved cylinder.

    If you post your location in your profile, you may get GH members nearby offering to help.


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