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    Seadoo Speedster engine swap/jet pump

    Hello you clever people
    I know there is a lot of different opinions in the whole engine swap/here's a 100 reasons why not to do it/it only works like ½ out of 10 times, but I only got one question
    To make a short story even longer.
    I got a 1996 Seadoo Speedster with two totally broke engines and it can't pay restoring them, but instead I have a 225hp Chrysler V8 marine engine that might fit, if I cut the boat half. Well almost.
    I know there are more problems with this project than the entire middle east conflict, world wide hunger and dating two girls at the same time BUT ANYWAY what got a poor young man to lose other than his dignity.

    My question is: If I succeed hooking the engine up to both of the jet pumps with the leverage 1:2 so when the engine runs 3500rpm the jet pumps are spinning at 7000rpm (just about max with the standard engines) would I get enough out of my big V8 engine or would it be better just to skip the jet pumps cut a hole and mount the propeller?

    I have worked a lot with fiber glass, I can weld and work with metal, I'm educated as a mechanic and have worked with almost anything that have an engine. So building it won't be a problem, but which solution would be the best? And I know there will be a ton of issues with weight distribution, the fuel tank is probably too small etc etc etc.


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    Sounds interesting but I bet you could find 2 used good motors on CL, ebay for less than it would cost to try and convert using 1 motor plus parts and a lot less time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwgsx View Post
    Sounds interesting but I bet you could find 2 used good motors on CL, ebay for less than it would cost to try and convert using 1 motor plus parts and a lot less time

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    Thanks, but the problem is I live in Denmark and all those cheap rebuild engines are in the US. So I have to send my old engines half across the world (that's not cheap) pay around 2000-3000$ for 2 rebuild engines + send them the other half around the world (not cheap again) and then most likely am I going to pay tax of the whole combined purchase which is 50% in Denmark and then i have to pay VAT which is 20% of the whole combined purchase after taxes is included (it's pretty expensive to live over here)
    Thrust me I have searched for a long time for an original solution, but no luck. So either this swap or I'm gonna fill it with sand and give to my daughter as a floating sandpit. I have most if the things to make this swap so the only big expense is time.
    So again i'm not asking what is the best solution in all, but which of those two solutions I have described are the most likely to succeed. (can i get enough out of those two standard jet pumps if I hook them up to a 225hp V8 and can they handle the power or is it better to use the V8 original propeller and make it fit some how?)

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