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    1050 MFD flashing hot

    1999 1050sltx MFD flashing hot, disconnected tan wire from temp censer in front box. Road the machine & still flashing hot?????? MFD no doubt. WHY??? The motor is not hot,can touch it all over. Any ideas

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    Unplug the MFD connector from behind the display.

    Use an ohm meter to check resistance between the Black ground wire at the MFD wire harness connector and the Tan wire. Tan is the overheat signal to the display from the electrical system.

    Normally the Tan wire should have extremely high resistance measured to Black, or even better it should measure as an open circuit.

    Make sure your fingers are not touching the meter probes as this will affect the reading. Black meter probe to Black wire, Red meter probe to Tan wire.

    While you have it unplugged examine both the MFD pins and the wire connector for signs of corrosion or dirt. There is often a thin layer of dielectric grease in there, which is OK. Excessive or dried out dielectric grease is not helpful.

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