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    1993 GTX only starts with choke and then rpms skyrocket

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a 1993 seadoo GTX and have been working on going through the it. I've rebuilt the jet pump and pulled the entire fuel system for cleaning/rebuild/replacement. Cleaned the tank out, new fuel baffle float, new fuel lines. I also rebuilt the carbs and finally got everything back together. At first it wasn't pulling fuel up to the carb so I thought it might need to be primed. I installed a fuel primer bulb (like on an outboard boat engine) and pumped it until gas ran out the exit line nipple on the carb. It still wasn't starting so choked it and it fired right up. Actually the engine wound up to what sounded like full throttle and I shut it down. Let it sit for a little while and tried to start it again. Started right up and the engine revved up the same way but this time the rpms started to come back down after a few seconds. As
    the rpms came down it just died, so I tried turning it over a few times and got nothing. Pulled the choke and after a few cranks it started up and the rpms started racing again. This time after I let go of the choke I gave it a little gas and that just bogged it done. Because it starts winding out I'm afraid to run it for more than a few seconds at a time but does anyone have any idea where the problem may be?

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    Ok I have an update. I found that if I hold the choke closed the rpms don't rise nearly as much, it actually seems to just idle high. If I cover the flame arrestor with a block of wood it runs much better but will die soon after, it actually kind of forms a pretty good vacuum seal. However if I lift the block a little every few seconds it will maintain a fluctuating idle. It almost seems like it's trying to suck too much air. Anyone have any thoughts or had a similar situation?

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    You might have an air leak somewhere.

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