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    Seadoo RXT 2005 starting problems

    Hi everyone,
    Out of the water my ski starts fine, In the water 8 out of 10 times the ski will flood & the only way I can get it started again is to remove the fuel rail start the engine then it starts but you got to then hold the throttle & put the fuel rail and screws back in 1 handed. Has anyone had this problem?

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    Your fuel injectors may be bleeding down. Remove the fuel rail, insert key, and see if the injectors are dripping (bleeding).
    This is assuming the craft is stock. If you have a fuel regulator, or have changed maps, or installed any number of performance parts, it might be something else, or a combination of things.
    Good luck!

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    If it's flooded, pulling the throttle to WOT while cranking turns the injectors off.

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    Thanks Guys

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