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    Sleeving my cylinder>> GP1300R

    So i ordered WSM sleeves and pistons and i took my sleeves and cylinder to the shop, today i went to the shop and realized that the port holes in the sleeves are a bit smaller than the OEM port holes, is that a problem? there's not much difference... should i tell the the man at the shop to match the holes or is it fine?

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    Before you sleave them you should seriously reconsider. Sleeved cylinders will run warmer, can be wavy and most importantly they are not Nikasil. The OEM cylinders have a special coating that is a nickel and silicon which creates less friction and is much stronger. You can send your cylinders out to be re-plated and they will be as good as new.

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    Match the port openings before the cylinder is bored for piston. Nicasil'd cylinders have their advantages but if you have a local shop that can do a quick turn around on boring steel sleeved cylinders that is also an advantage. Scratch a Nicasil'd cylinder and you need special repair. Scratch a steel sleeve and a good honing may be all you need. I'm sure plenty will disagree.

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    I am with wavedude. I don't see the engines with Nikasil getting any more hours than engines with steel sleeves. Just my $.02

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    One of my slightly modded XLL 1200's has sleeved cyl and I see no performance difference. Both run super well and have given no issues. I would match the ports however. Nicasil cyl are better for various reasons, but there are thousands of PWC that are not and do fine, and you already have bought the sleeves. You will be fine.

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