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    paint maintenance products..

    what kind of products are you using as far as wax and compound on the hull of these yamahas?

    i know its completely different paint from my old seadoo.. i used to use a very heavy grit compound and be able to sit there for hours with a wheel and nothing would happen.. i know that is gel coat and the yamaha are completely different paint..

    would regular automotive compound and wax work well ?

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    Paint in general these days is very soft. I wouldn't use anything to abrasive of compound. Far as wax, I've been using Liquid Glass. A coat or two and sit back and admire. Beads up for very long time. Everything I own is waxed with Liquid Glass. Can be found at Auto Zone or Advance Auto. Just don't wax the underside, sides are ok to do.

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    I use Meguiar's wash, wax, and quick wax. Mother's Back-to-Black for the trim. Both of which are for cars, not boats, but they hold up great.

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    I use collinite waxes, 845 if I'm in a hurry or 915 if I have more time.

    If I go the full 9 yards with a paint correction, I will do a paint sealant then the 845 or 915 to top it with.

    Both of those waxes are some of the longest lasting waxes you can buy. Can't buy them in a retail store. Have to buy from a detail supply store like autogeek or ADS.

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