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    bad kill switch? temp sensor?

    Hey guys...I REALLY do do some searches before I post up questions...I know the "regulars" get turned off by people asking questions that have been aswered several times before..I just read a bunch on "no spark" and obviously there is a lot it can be...With the help of this forum, I've done a TON more than I ever thought I would..replaced reverse cable, pulled a pump, replaced stator AND starter and a few others but now I'm into electrical issues and a little out of my league...ok, a lot. As mentioned, new stator, new starter with all thoroughly cleaned connections(turns over like never before!) but still no spark...I'm probably going to bring somewhere for diagnosis but was wondering its easy/quick to rule out the kill switch, and temp sensor(Do I have one?)..fuse is good as are all of the connections I can see...I dont have to reset or punch in any codes, correct? this is an '99 suv...Thanks for any input!

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    not much goes wrong with an ignition that can be fixed easily..most of the time it gets costly.

    the trigger coil is located at the stator..have a look at the wiring from the front of the engine to the electric box. The other part of concern is the cdi unit itself..unless a wire is disconnected or a battery is connected backwards or jumped, they last a real long time. that's in the electric vault..not to be messed with unless that cover has been off or there is evidence of it being off ( a missing bolt or two give you carte blanche to open her up)

    you should check for a short from the trigger wires to ground. it's easy to short the wires when you install a stator..tricky wire guard in the stator cavity.

    ad yeah..of course you have a temp sensor..

    you can do a search to find out all about that bit

    on a serious note..get a's frustrating not to have one when you are troubleshooting an ignition or electrical problem.

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    I know it may be a stupid question, but it does happen because I have done it.....are you by chance hitting the stop button as you try to crank it? It kills spark for several seconds. I would check that the kill button is working properly.

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    Thanks guys!...I have all the electric stuff from manual printed out...I'm heading out now to check the temp sensor, it looks like it should be a "OL", correct? if yes, then if I just disconnect from box, wouldn't that be the same thing? I'll also pull apart the black kill switch plug, if I can find that..otherwise looking like going to mechanic...thanks again!

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    OK, I have OL for temp, I think thats correct?...BUT I do have resistance on kill switch?? Is this the problem? I have manual but not sure what images mean? it doesn't give a resistance measurement so I'm guessing it should be an OL also?
    resistance was between .6-.8 but not sure if I have meter on 200 or 2k...sorry if these sound stupid, trying to learn!...Also, maybe another stupid question....battery grounds to engine...does the electric box have or need something to ground it to engine?

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    A lot of the time the problem is in the start/run/kill switch or the wiring to them. It is real easy to check by unplugging the wires at the connection from where it comes out of the handlebars to the wiring harness. The manual will tell you how to check, but for reference the stop button is a normally closed contact so if there is any break in the wiring or switch there will be no spark. Start button is interlocked thru the lanyard switch, so there are 3 problem areas to check. I have replaced start/stop switched on several Yamaha's, particularly 90's ones it seems. I that is not it and the other wiring/stator coils check out, then the CDI is another suspect. They can just fail.

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    Stop switch should not have any resistance, but .6 is practically none unless you are on the times K scale or more. The electrical box is grounded thru the battery cable that goes to it.

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    LT, thats why asked, the battery cable goes directly to engine block(at starter bolt) other visible ground...Also, I just unplugged the kill switch, it didn't help with spark

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